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Backround image by Wesley Goulart
for Cyborg Asylum

Jonathan Perl- Co-Producer/Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer


Jonathan Perl is a musician, arranger, composer/songwriter; Or, is he a producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer? Or maybe a full-time educator of music and audio technologies at the City College of New York's Sonic Arts Center? Jonathan doesn't know but hopes to figure it out eventually. 

Snapshot: In 2013 Jonathan collaborated with Earth and Atmospheric scientist Marco Tedesco and others to create an exhibition including sonifications of scientific data; these were pieces derived from and generated by 52 years’ worth of data of the temperature, darkness and melting rates of the Greenland ice sheet.  A portion of these sonifications will be part of a Smithsonian Interactive Traveling Exhibit called H2O Today coming out in 2016.  


Snapshot: Jonathan has recorded Tummy Touch Records artist Jeremy Mage and the Magi, WunmiGirl Records Wunmi,  and independent artist James Hurt.  He has mixed James Hurt and of course Cyborg Asylum.  Jonathan recently served as a technical consultant to Inova composer/artist Joseph Bertoliozzi on his anticipated Tower Music record, in which 20,000 audio samples of the Eiffel Tower being struck, bowed and otherwise persuaded to make noise were recorded and had to be managed and made ready for composition and performance as virtual instruments.  

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