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Cyborg Asylum is, David Varga and John Tumminia, a NYC Producer-Singer duo.  An inventive brand of electro post-industrial alt-rock.  Sharply crafted beats and grooves blended with beautiful melodies and harmonies make up a rich sonic palette. Listeners are taken on an emotionally charged, alluring, and at times, ominous journey.


photo: Memo Jimenez
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David Varga- Composer/Arranger/Producer

Keyboards: Synthesizers, Samplers, Piano, Sequencing, Programming, Robot Voices.

John Tumminia- Vocals/Lyrics


Scoring commercials, TV, film and video games, music producer and classically trained composer David Varga sets out to create music based on his many musical influences.  These include an eclectic mix of industrial rock, pop, electronic music, Romantic era composers and film scores. David has worked in television and all forms of media since the turn of the century, and even has a few Emmy Awards to show for it.


David’s first vision for Cyborg Asylum was for it to be a compilation of dark electronic instrumentals set in a post-apocalyptic landscape.  After writing the gritty instrumental, “Blitz,” and a live orchestral and electronic interlude piece, “Angle of Incidence,” he decided to round out the vision by adding songs to the track line up.  Long time friend, singer/songwriter John Tumminia thus joined the project at David’s request.  “I needed a good lyricist to work with and John was the perfect person for that.“ Having sung and co-written songs for bands in addition to lending his vocals to jingles over the years, John has also filled the role of lead singer for Cyborg Asylum.


All of the writing and arranging for Cyborg Asylum takes place in David’s home studio (The Sky Box).  The duo has also made a few music videos, taking on the role of a production company producing and directing.  David, an Emmy Award winning editor, also edits their music videos.

They have two new singles.  A reinterpreted cover of the Pat Benatar hit, 'Invincible' and a new original song called, 'No Kingdom'.  The band has evolved in their writing and both new tracks are edgier than the earlier material on their debut album, 'Never Finished, Only Abandoned'.  

The album, 'Never Finished, Only Abandoned', as well as the singles, 'No Kingdom' and 'Invincible' are out now.

John began singing four part harmony at the age of four, when his father, a music teacher and fine arts supervisor, began teaching him.  A few years later, at the age of eight, John began gigging professionally on the weekends (playing drums and singing) and at clubs during the summer with his family band, a popular four piece group that was well known in the Philadelphia area during that time.  This continued during high school, during which time he played with local college orchestras and was selected for all state jazz ensemble (New Jersey).


Leaving for college, he moved to New York City and within a few years became the manager of the famous Electric Lady Recording Studios – the studio complex built by Jimi Hendrix.  There, he not only met a who’s who in the music industry, but also recorded, as lead singer, at the studio with various band projects, including the rock/funk ensemble “God is Black” for which he was also a principal writer.  During this time he also lent his voice to some commercial spots, and became known as the guy who could create a choir of voices in a short time by doubling vocals with precision.  


Later he would write and sing for another band, “Fringehead,” performing all over the New York City area with band members from Japan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Israel.  

photo: Memo Jimenez

photo: Memo Jimenez

Additional Musicians

Phil Jones- Guitars Performed On:  Synergy, My Metallic DreamFragments As Illusion, and Steampunk Highway (steel string).

Edd Mann- Guitars Performed On: War Machine and Steampunk Highway (additional steel string).

Rachel Varga- Violins Performed On: Ion

Live orchestra for Angle of Incidence recorded at Sky Box Studio

Co-produced, recorded mixed and sound design by Jonathan Perl.

Album mastered by Joe Lambert. 

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